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The online destination for Greenwood County's premiere wine and spirit store. Whether its for sipping by the fire, or toasting at a wedding, we've got you covered.


Wine is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages known. Fermented from grapes and other fruits, a bottle of wine is defined by its vintage and brand. At Frugal's, we offer top selection of all varieties of wines of varying years and type.



Chardonnay - a very versatile wine, varying flavors based on types of fruit and age

Sauvignon Blanc - a flavorful and rich wine that has its origins in France and New Zealand, goes very well with food

Pinot Grigioa fresh, clear, crisp and refreshing white wine



Merlot - a soft, subtle wine that ages quickly and often retains many different flavors

Cabernet Sauvignon - a bolder, more powerful wine that is based off many different fruits and berries in its creation. Goes well with meats dishes

Pinot Noir - difficult to grow, but iconic in its taste, this wine is delicate in flavor

Shiraz - spicy, dark, and rich, this wine is a bold and fruity counterpart to some of the more subtle red wines.



Zinfandel - an American based wine that is known for its strong sweet taste

Malbec - a thick, smoky wine from South America, this beverage is popular for its dark color and taste


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